Following the successes of previous projects between MRO procurement and supply chain specialists Entec International and their academic partners at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, a new Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project has been launched to assess the potential of Additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D Printing, in the spare parts supply chain.

According to CEO Mike Robinson, Entec is looking to build upon its expertise in complex supply chain management through the supplementary implementation of localised manufacturing. This innovative new model will help across several economic, sociological, and environmental areas by driving down growing air-freight costs, reducing shipping times, cutting carbon footprint, and by further optimising the holding inventory of spare parts – ultimately increasing the customer’s bottom line through the accessibility of near-instantaneous MRO inventory supply.

The project will follow the life-cycle of a product against the Environmental Management Systems standards as described in the ISO 14000 series, and will have a focus on enviro-economic effects of 3D printed suitable materials to ensure a sustainable solution is delivered in alignment with Entec’s environmental centric growth.


Pictured: 3D Printing


For a global brand business with complex manufacturing and packaging operations, often in challenging markets such as Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, there are daily demands for planned and unplanned spares. Inevitably this means working with multiple suppliers, both locally and internationally, all of whom have different ways of working and variable trading terms in multiple currencies.

Many organisations, while knowing how much they spend and with whom, do not necessarily understand what they are buying or how many parts they genuinely need to meet demand.

Entec’s mission is to simplify this essential and often overlooked area of manufacturing operations, bringing increased visibility, control and compliance, supporting our clients enabling them to operate more efficiently, reduce waste and drive down costs.

Entec International, UK-based Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) procurement and supply chain specialists, have appointed Suraj Muhammad Talha as Customer Relationship Manager in Egypt, as the company expands its service delivery to global FMCG clients across Africa and the Middle East.

Suraj, who has spent five years working in the FMCG sector, brings with him valuable experience of global procurement and project management. He will be part of a growing team responsible for rolling out Entec’s 3PMRO service in the region to some of the world’s largest manufacturers of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

“It’s a great honour to work closely with these high-profile customers in Egypt, helping to keep their production running effectively while reducing their operational costs,” Suraj says. “The Egyptian market is a regional hub for diverse businesses and has access to large key markets through various trade agreements with the USA, Europe as well as Middle Eastern and African countries. Entec International already has a strong presence in the region, as sole 3PMRO partner for many well recognized manufacturers. The company is growing strongly in this market and is currently in advanced negotiations to provide our services to more local customers. I’m very much looking forward to playing my part in Entec’s continued success story in Egypt.”

CEO at Entec, Mike Robinson, explains, “Global brand businesses with complex manufacturing and packaging operations in challenging markets generate a constant demand for maintenance spares.  To meet this demand, they tie up millions of dollars in spares inventory, much of which is excess to need. In addition, they use hundreds of local and global suppliers, all with different ways of working, variable trading terms and requiring payment in multiple currencies”.

“Entec’s 3PMRO service simplifies this process; As the single source of supply we manage the entire supply chain, from demand to point of use, match spares usage with consumption rates to deliver optimised inventory, visibility, control and compliance.  Overall, our 3PMRO service improves the customers return on capital employed, increases efficiency, reduces waste and drives down operational costs.

Suraj’s appointment in Egypt will strengthen our regional team and help us replicate the gains we’ve achieved for our clients in other parts of the world.”


Pictured: Suraj Muhammad Talha, Customer Relationship Manager in Egypt, Entec International

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