Following the successes of previous projects between MRO procurement and supply chain specialists Entec International and their academic partners at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, a new Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project has been launched to assess the potential of Additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D Printing, in the spare parts supply chain.

According to CEO Mike Robinson, Entec is looking to build upon its expertise in complex supply chain management through the supplementary implementation of localised manufacturing. This innovative new model will help across several economic, sociological, and environmental areas by driving down growing air-freight costs, reducing shipping times, cutting carbon footprint, and by further optimising the holding inventory of spare parts – ultimately increasing the customer’s bottom line through the accessibility of near-instantaneous MRO inventory supply.

The project will follow the life-cycle of a product against the Environmental Management Systems standards as described in the ISO 14000 series, and will have a focus on enviro-economic effects of 3D printed suitable materials to ensure a sustainable solution is delivered in alignment with Entec’s environmental centric growth.


Pictured: 3D Printing


For a global brand business with complex manufacturing and packaging operations, often in challenging markets such as Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, there are daily demands for planned and unplanned spares. Inevitably this means working with multiple suppliers, both locally and internationally, all of whom have different ways of working and variable trading terms in multiple currencies.

Many organisations, while knowing how much they spend and with whom, do not necessarily understand what they are buying or how many parts they genuinely need to meet demand.

Entec’s mission is to simplify this essential and often overlooked area of manufacturing operations, bringing increased visibility, control and compliance, supporting our clients enabling them to operate more efficiently, reduce waste and drive down costs.

MRO procurement and supply chain management specialist Entec International has supported a global FMCG client in the implementation of a major IT project, which has seen the closer integration of both parties’ existing SAP systems via the client’s Ariba Web Portal.

The project, which started in Q1 2020, took just six months to go live and will deliver important benefits for Entec’s client, streamlining the procurement process, increasing efficiency and improving service to customers, while reducing costs.

The new system will automate the Purchase Order and Invoice Process for fast-moving parts required across 10 manufacturing plants in the Middle East region.
Commenting on the project, Entec Business Development Manager Richard Zeverona said, “This is an important step in the continued collaborative partnership between Entec and our snacks and beverages client. By integrating our individual SAP systems via the Ariba portal, we can start the process of automation from

Purchase Order through to Invoice and have created the capability to host country specific ordering pre-approved catalogues for a number of the client’s customers in the AMESA region, which streamlines the quotation process. This new automated order-to-invoice mechanism enables us to deliver real cost benefits.”

He continues, “It is great that our client had the strategic vision to embrace this initiative as well as the commitment to make it work. The company is the first client to implement automation into our contractual relationship and accordingly, will be the first to benefit.

For Entec, the fact that a global FMCG giant allowed us access to their internal systems reflects their trust in us and is testimony to the strength of our partnership.
The two companies worked closely together on this important project for several months and through a combination of careful planning and phased implementation, we delivered a successful Project cut-over in Q4 of 2020.”


Pictured: Richard Zeverona, Business Development Manager, Entec International

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