You can’t keep all of the people happy all of the time, but you can involve people in the decision making, ensuring that they know they are being heard and respected – that’s the basis of community engagement.

Many projects are complex and there is a need to manage the flow of communication and ensure that all parties are involved and informed. When dealing with local communities we can manage expectations and process complaints and comments from the community surrounding your venture.

If you’re developing a retail park or a residential project it is our job is to talk to the local population and maintain a dialogue on your behalf – finding out what the local community wants from you and keeping people in the loop about what your project means for them or if you’re launching a restaurant, we can make sure everybody knows about it, and help you to blend in with the existing local culture.

Not everybody likes change, but feeling like a valued part of the process certainly helps. If you need a little help engaging with your community, contact DDPR.

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