Tony gets shirty!

Tony Carr of made-to-measure clothing franchise, Suit the City took delivery of 11 shirts for one happy customer who pushed the ‘go’ button on his Capsule Wardrobe Builder.

The scheme devised by Suit the City founder Carol Rawson enables clients to put aside a sum of money each month to go towards the garments which make up the next season’s collection.

Once the Capsule Wardrobe Builder fund has accumulated, the client simply specifies their needs. Suit the City consults it records of measurements, styles and preferences and co-ordinates the wardrobe in terms of fabrics, colours, finishes, details and accessories.

The agreed items are then made up by Suit the City’s tailors based in Europe.

Tony Carr sums up this invaluable on tap made-to-measure clothing service for busy executives and professionals:

“My client works long hours, travels all over the country and needs to look well-dressed at all times without having to worry about it.  He was so pleased with the outcome of his first made-to-measure suit that he topped up his Capsule Wardrobe Builder, immediately ordered a second suit and a rainbow of shirts with personally monogrammed cuffs to go with.”

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