SPAL Automotive UK Appoints its First Brushless Distributor

SPAL Automotive UK has appointed T7 Design Ltd, an innovative HVAC manufacturer and supplier, as the first official distributor of its high performance advanced brushless technology fans and blowers.

Previously only supplied to OEMs, this represents a new departure for SPAL to promote the benefits of brushless technology more widely by making them available to the aftermarket.

Adam Mudge, Director of T7 Design Ltd which specialises in the development of vehicle heating, cooling and ventilation products for automotive, commercial, utility, recreational & emergency vehicle sectors, describes how the arrangement came about.

“Our story with SPAL goes back 5 years, when I was looking for a replacement radiator fan for a vehicle project I was working on at the time to replace the woeful no-name, budget fan, that was currently fitted. I started looking into who manufacture and supply the best aftermarket radiator fans and SPAL’s name kept cropping up.

“Upon further research I was so impressed by the range, quality and reliability, backed by extensive R&D which ensures their products are second to none, making SPAL the obvious choice!

“The next stage was to put forward our business as a potential stockist and distributor to the automotive aftermarket. After a successful bid, we have gone on to sell thousands of SPAL fans and blowers to customers in over 50 countries worldwide – and counting!

“Being able to offer SPAL’s new brushless technology is an exciting opportunity for our business as we can offer technical assistance not only at the design stage but also advise customers on how to get the best out of the technology for their specific application.

“In the short time that we have been selling the product, we have already had some very interesting discussions with customers who are very keen to implement the technology in racing and electrified vehicle applications. We are excited to see what the future holds and the unique projects that we can assist with!”

SPAL Automotive UK MD Matthew Morris said of the appointment:

“Adam is very creative we are working with him in several ways including a 3D printing project to produce custom mounting brackets for SPAL fans.  He has really taken on board the benefits of smart controlled brushless technology, making him the natural ‘go to guy’ for our brushless fans and blowers.”


Editor’s Notes:

 About T7 Design

Suppliers of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Cooling and Winterisation systems & components for automotive and specialist vehicles.

Design and development of bespoke HVAC systems to meet unique customer requirements.

In-house 3D Laser Scanning & 3D Printing capabilities for product development & prototyping. Offered as a service to customers for a huge variety of applications including aerospace and heritage projects, plus their own product development.

Development of high quality CNC machined aluminium aftermarket parts for Japanese recreation vehicles.

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About SPAL Brushless Technology

SPAL’s latest generation brushless drive technology has become the ‘go to’ cooling solution for automotive applications – providing intelligent, software driven thermal management for cars, bus & coach engines, battery and hybrid engines, as well as oil cooling and air conditioning.

Features and Benefits

  • Intelligent operation
  • Up to 1.2 Kw power output
  • Sealed Motor IP6k9k – so spark free and water/dustproof too
  • High performance
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Lower fuel costs, lower emissions
  • Lightweight, yet robust
  • Extended temperature range

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