How to Use Water Wisely in the Home

With water shortages being experienced across the country, Yvonne Orgill has some good advice on how to use water wisely in the home by looking for products that carry the Unified Water Label.

Whilst the Covid-19 epidemic has brought some positive changes for climate change, the combination of people spending all their time at home and the very dry weather has created a water shortage, with water companies in some areas reporting that people are using 20-40% more water whilst staying at home.

Water scarcity is already a global problem because of climate change delivering less rain and a significant growth in the population, leading to a greater demand for water.   We all have a responsibility to use water wisely, and looking for bathroom products that carry the Unified Water Label (UWL) can help.

We can all do our bit by looking at our behaviour in the home but we can do so much more to save water if we update our bathroom with modern products, designed to be efficient without any detriment to performance.

When researching new products for your bathroom, ask your retailer or installer about products that carry the UWL.  The label can be found on the manufacturers website, their online literature, product literature and often on the packaging itself. The label provides clear, concise and easy to understand messaging about the water and energy usage for that product.

There are many innovative and technologically advanced bathroom products available that support the label. When you choose a UWL product it will not only help you use water wisely but will reduce energy wastage and save you money. A large proportion of your energy bill comes from heating water so you will see a reduction in your utility bills.  You will also be making a positive contribution to climate change and a difference to those people around the world that don’t have guaranteed access to safe running water.

The UWL is currently available on bathroom products such as shower heads, shower controls, taps, WC suites, cisterns and baths.
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