Following the sourcing and shipping of vital oxygen concentrators to Covid-hit India, MRO procurement and supply chain specialist Entec International has teamed up with medical equipment and services provider Openhouse Products to provide further much-needed support.

Openhouse has donated first responder oxygen cylinders as well as bedding, which will be consolidated with one of Entec’s oxygen concentrator shipments, destined for the Indian Red Cross, to support ambulance teams during the crisis.

Commenting on the joint initiative, Chris Ward, General Manager at Openhouse Products, said:
“We’ve been shocked and saddened by the dire conditions in India right now, so we felt compelled to offer help in whatever way we could with these donations.

Having supplied our NHS during the height of the pandemic here in the UK, Openhouse are proud to now be able to redirect our surplus resources to those most in need.”

Initially, Entec became involved with providing oxygen concentrators units through two major clients in India, who placed orders for the equipment and also connected Entec directly to the UK Government and the Indian High Commission in London.

To date the company has sourced 1000 oxygen concentrators, shipping them to the Indian Red Cross in consolidation for several donors.
Entec CEO Mike Robinson states, “We are pleased to be able to continue to support the international relief effort and welcome the opportunity to work alongside Openhouse in providing these essential supplies to India.”

He adds, “Entec will be organising the test and recertification of the cylinders from Openhouse, before they are shipped by airfreight in the coming days. In the meantime, the Indian High Commission has asked me to pass on their heartfelt thanks to Openhouse for their generous offer.”

An important aspect of Entec’s 3PMRO service is to procure and supply parts and spares to global organisations worldwide on a timely basis and at the right price. In this instance, the company sourced, procured and shipped vital equipment within days of receiving requests from clients. The team is continuing to respond to requests for aid, managing the supply and logistics with valued partners.”

For a global brand business with complex manufacturing and packaging operations, often in challenging markets such as Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, there are daily demands for planned and unplanned spares.  Inevitably this means working with multiple suppliers, both locally and internationally, all of whom have different ways of working and variable trading terms in multiple currencies.
Many organisations, while knowing how much they spend and with whom, do not necessarily understand what they are buying or how many parts they genuinely need to meet demand.
Entec’s mission is to simplify this essential and often overlooked area of manufacturing operations, bringing increased visibility, control and compliance, supporting our clients enabling them to operate more efficiently, reduce waste and drive down costs.



Water is something that most of us take for granted but ‘water is life’ and without it we cannot survive.  We are in danger of water becoming very scarce unless we make some changes.  The time has come to take collective action, for everyone to be proactive today to ensure there is enough water for future generations.

As WaterWise celebrates Water Saving Week, The Unified Water Label has launched a #dontforgettheplug campaign.  It is designed to reach out to consumers asking them to look at their habits and be more aware of how much water they use, not just to preserve precious supplies but to make a positive impact on climate change.

The campaign entitled ‘PLUG’ is based around a slogan of #dontforgettheplug and includes four key messages:

  • Prevent water scarcity
  • Link water, energy and carbon issues
  • Understand how much water is used
  • Gain from saving money on bills

Whilst the Covid-19 epidemic has brought some positive changes for climate change, the combination of people spending all their time at home and the very dry weather last year has created a water shortage.

Research has shown that that consumers underestimate how much water they use in the home. Research carried out by in 2020 found that 46% believe their household uses under 20 litres a day, (roughly equivalent to taking a two-minute shower), when the true figure is closer to 142 litres per person per day. This means an average family of four in the UK could use more than 500 litres each day.

There is also a direct link between how much water we use in the home and how much energy is consumed because much of the water we use is heated.  Heating water is the second largest source of energy use in the home and figures from The Energy Saving Trust estimate that hot water use contributes £228 to the average annual combined energy bill and emits 875kg of CO2 per household per year.

UWLA CEO Yvonne Orgill says, “We have launched this campaign as we want to help people understand that we all have to work together to create change. If we all take responsibility for the choices we make, and the habits we adopt, we can use water wisely and safely to protect our environment and wellbeing.

“It is important that this is not seen as a negative message but a positive one. We want to promote water efficiency and the reduction of water wastage, rather than just using less water.

“We want our campaign to raise awareness and encourage people to take action, and to feel good about playing their part.

“We have a unique opportunity to come together and take advantage of an increased awareness of the green agenda.  Many mainstream consumer brands are now promoting the sustainability message.  We hope that consumers will take on board our message and      that the information we provide can assist them with making informed choices, which will ultimately help save the planet.”

More information about the #dontforgettheplug campaign and how to use water wisely in the home can be found here.




Leading kbb and merchant service provider Simon Acres Group (SAGL) has come together with TT Training Academy to offer SAGL customers a 20% discount on all workplace wellbeing audits, to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week.

The audit is aimed at businesses that have 5-10 staff and will enable them to offer individual support for employees, as well as a review of their mental health provision, with advice on   how to make improvements going forward.

SAGL Managing Director Simon Acres said, “We all know that the lockdown has had a huge impact on the nation’s mental health, making it even more important that we keep our focus and attention on wellness in the workplace.

“As an industry, we do not have a track record in this area, but it is good to see that there is    a growing interest and support since we first started working with Suzanne Skeete and TT Training Academy 18 months ago.

TT Training Academy Managing Director Suzanne Skeete adds, “I am delighted to continue the relationship with Simon and help raise awareness about good mental health practice in the workplace within the kbb sector.

“It is vital that we bridge the gap between physical and mental illness, they must be seen as equally important in the workplace.  I hope that this offer will allow more kbb businesses to invest in the mental wellbeing of their staff, ensuring that people get the help they need.”

For more information or to book your wellness audit, please call Jordan Burns at SAGL on 0203 701 6660


Pictured: TT Training Academy Managing Director Suzanne Skeete

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