David McCutcheon, Chief Executive Officer of Bullet Express, has been confirmed as a new member of the UKWA management board at the association’s Annual General Meeting, held on 26th June.

He joins new board members also confirmed at the AGM – Ian Henderson, Group Property Director at Wincanton PLC, Gary Whittle, Commercial Director at Meacher’s Global Logistics.  Neil Bowker, Commercial Director of Bowker Group, was formally elected to the role of Vice Chair of the UKWA management board.
Commenting on David’s appointment, UKWA CEO Peter Ward said, “Since becoming a member of UKWA, Bullet Express has been an active and engaged supporter of the association, with Scott McCutcheon and Donald Gillies respectively winning UKWA Awards for Industry Excellence in successive years, 2017 and 2018. I am delighted to have such a strong industry advocate in Scotland and look forward to working with David as we navigate these extraordinary times.”

David started Bullet Express with his cousin Gary in 1990, providing a same-day courier service across the UK, later developing into pallet deliveries and joining the pallet networks. In addition to domestic work, Bullet provides freight services worldwide, currently managing storage of 25,000 pallets with a turnover of £14.5m.

“In 2016 we managed just 2000 pallets, so in four years we’ve seen fantastic growth,” David says. “It’s the tremendous opportunities in this great industry which led me to become involved with promoting our business and the sector in general through organisations like UKWA. I’m delighted to become a board member and welcome the opportunity to work with UKWA Chair Nicola and CEO Peter, along with other colleagues on the board, and hope to make valuable contribution to the future of the association.”

The board also formally accepted the resignations of longstanding members, former Chairman Tony Mohan and Douglas Fearnley, with President, Chair and former colleagues adding warm thanks for their sterling support and service over many years.

Pictured: David McCutcheon, Chief Executive Officer of Bullet Express

Entec International deliver essential PPE supplies across UK & Europe

UK based Entec International, specialist MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) supply chain services providers, has been supporting several of its longest standing clients in procuring and providing essential PPE equipment to sites in the UK and across Europe, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic – a move that director Mike Robinson says puts MRO supply chains in the spotlight.

Entec is best known for providing MRO services to global manufacturers’ production facilities across Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. However, several clients, including a global alcohol beverage company, were in desperate need of specific PPE products that they had been unable to source either in the UK or anywhere in the EU as COVID-19 security restrictions took hold.

In UK and Ireland alone, Entec has distributed products to over 20 food and beverage sites, and following similar requests from other food & beverage clients, has also despatched PPE to production facilities all over Europe, including Poland, Romania, Greece, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Entec’s Procurement Manager Gurjit Johal explains, “Within two working days of receiving the initial request from our global alcoholic beverage client, we had not only sourced one of the main products required and had them approved – a process that usually takes far longer – but we had also placed a Purchase Order for over 3000 Cases (36,000  x 500 ml bottles of sanitiser).

Almost simultaneously, Entec was asked to source another PPE product by the same client and, again within just a few days, the product was approved and ordered, with the first batch arriving on site within 10 days. In total Entec has now supplied the client with 15 Pallets, with 840 cases, over 10,000 tubs, totalling 2 million products.

Beyond the UK and Europe, the company is also providing much needed PPE products to client sites in 7 countries in Asia Pacific, with further enquiries being handled for over 2 million items of a third PPE product for delivery across 4 continents.

In a thank you from the CPO of the global beverage group, Gurjit received the following message:
“A big THANK YOU for all of your support in helping us to source a number of needed items as we work to keep our employees safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Entec has been a really supportive partner, and more specifically, you have been incredibly proactive and responsive – even able to find us certain products when no one else could!  We sincerely appreciate your hard work and support in these difficult times and look forward to our continued partnership “

Concluding, Entec Director Mike Robinson commented, “Generally, the focus for manufacturers is on parts procurement and supply, but in these strange times, the need for PPE has brought to the fore the essential role of MRO in keeping plants in production and employees safe. Effective streamlining and management of MRO supply chains can provide huge benefits in terms of cost savings, efficiency gains and reduced carbon footprint.”

Pictured: Mike Robinson, Entec Director


With water shortages being experienced across the country, Yvonne Orgill has some good advice on how to use water wisely in the home by looking for products that carry the Unified Water Label.

Whilst the Covid-19 epidemic has brought some positive changes for climate change, the combination of people spending all their time at home and the very dry weather has created a water shortage, with water companies in some areas reporting that people are using 20-40% more water whilst staying at home.

Water scarcity is already a global problem because of climate change delivering less rain and a significant growth in the population, leading to a greater demand for water.   We all have a responsibility to use water wisely, and looking for bathroom products that carry the Unified Water Label (UWL) can help.

We can all do our bit by looking at our behaviour in the home but we can do so much more to save water if we update our bathroom with modern products, designed to be efficient without any detriment to performance.

When researching new products for your bathroom, ask your retailer or installer about products that carry the UWL.  The label can be found on the manufacturers website, their online literature, product literature and often on the packaging itself. The label provides clear, concise and easy to understand messaging about the water and energy usage for that product.

There are many innovative and technologically advanced bathroom products available that support the label. When you choose a UWL product it will not only help you use water wisely but will reduce energy wastage and save you money. A large proportion of your energy bill comes from heating water so you will see a reduction in your utility bills.  You will also be making a positive contribution to climate change and a difference to those people around the world that don’t have guaranteed access to safe running water.

The UWL is currently available on bathroom products such as shower heads, shower controls, taps, WC suites, cisterns and baths.
Visit www.europeanwaterlabel.eu to find out more and access a directory of products.

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