High performance fans designed for extreme environments in sectors including bus & coach and racing, are proving a hit with boat owners and boat builders, who are using them in engine room ventilation systems.

The fans, which are manufactured by SPAL Automotive, have a formidable reputation for reliability and long-life under the most challenging conditions, which makes them ideal in a marine environment.

Required to maintain air quality in the engine room and keep the area cool so that the engine does not need to work overtime, the fans also serve an important filtering role to keep salt laden air out of the engine room. Accordingly, owners and builders alike are specifying components of varying sizes which can be adapted to an existing design or even have a system designed around them.

Andy Clift at SPAL says:   “We’ve known for a few years the reliability of a SPAL fan is favoured by some extreme markets and the marine world is no exception. Recently we’ve seen an increase in aftermarket requests for SPAL fans for servicing and replacement parts for engine room ventilation and talking to more boat designers & builders about their requirements.”

Veotec Case Study – SPAL Fan Application Veotec Ltd, known for design and manufacture of bespoke Gas turbine air intake equipment, was approached by a number of boat builders to design a new air intake and exhaust system for wind farm service vessels. Problems faced by all vessels whilst operating offshore include how to stop water and salt ingress into the engine bay whilst maintaining sufficient through air flow for efficient combustion and cooling.  Fitting a fan which can cope with these conditions was essential and SPAL provided the solution. Using CFD analysis of airflows based on engine HP and Hull design, Veotec has designed a range of air intake and exhaust systems which allow sufficient airflow for efficient combustion and cooling whilst removing salt and water from the air.

Using a modular system, Veotec units feature patented filtration technology combined with innovative self-closing damper and fan unit to provide an all-in-one solution which meets the airflow requirements for a wide variety of vessels.



Individuality has become a key requirement for those planning a new kitchen and the latest finishes from Mereway’s Cucina Colore collection offer mix and match solutions that are as individual as they are stunning.

In keeping with the ethos of the Cucina Colore collection, the new matt woodgrain finishes add drama, texture, contrast and colour to any kitchen design.  Four finishes have been introduced, doubling the choice of finish for these modern Futura and Lastra doors. Oak Light, Oak Dark, Oak Grey and Oak Deep all have a horizontal grain and cover the colour spectrum from light to dark to achieve a cool scandi look or a sophisticated elegant style.

The Oak Light is seen here with the Light Grey Gloss in this cool and contemporary design.  The wide range of furniture available within Cucina Colore such as the glazed units pictured, provide for stylish storage and transforms a room into a multi-functional living kitchen. These glazed wall units have glass shelves and a matching internal cabinet, making them an elegant choice to display kitchen items.

Cucina Colore collection. Prices start from around £10,000 – £25,000 for a complete kitchen. Call 0800 028 4466 or visit www.merewaykitchens.co.uk to find a stockist or order a brochure.

BanaBay has secured a contract with an important new customer in the Middle East, the Hussain al Qurashi Group, which has just taken delivery of four containers of premium BanaBay bananas.

The Middle East is a key focus for BanaBay as the region has been identified as having high purchasing power and a population of habitual fruit buyers.  The customer based in Saudi Arabia, UAE, identified BanaBay as a recognised supplier of premium quality Ecuadorian bananas and saw the opportunity to market the high quality brand in the region.

The Hussain al Qurashi Group is a leading food business sourcing products from Europe, Africa, North America, New Zealand, Australia, China, India & Pakistan and exporting to all Gulf Co-operation Council countries, Yemen, India & Pakistan. With more than 25 fresh produce outlets in the UAE, the Group supplies all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets in the region.

Harley Williams, Business Development Manager for BanaBay says: “This is an exciting new partnership in Saudi Arabia which again demonstrates the expanding reach and development of the BanaBay brand across the globe.”


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