Women & Theatre joined forces recently with one of Birmingham’s oldest charities, to perform a unique piece of community theatre full of fantastic stories and tips, all designed to help people make their money go further.
As a charity, debt management is something at the very core of The Birmingham Settlement and this special performance was the highlight of their Open Day, which featured money surgeries and advice, as well as a chance for potential volunteers to visit and find out more about the charity’s work. It then culminated in the performance, entitled ‘Make, Do & Mend.’
Make, Do & Mend is a project Women & Theatre has been developing across Birmingham over the last 5 months. The company researched with a variety of community groups to understand the issues people face, and collect advice and information on how to resolve any problems. The performance was designed to allow community members to be ‘rehearsed into’ the performance, which was then shared with audiences to create an exciting mix of professional and community input.
Terina Talbot, Women & Theatre’s Associate Director said; “With stories and songs and contributions from all generations, it was a fantastic piece of feel-good theatre, with some really helpful content.”
Carly Duignan, Head of Fundraising and Communications at The Birmingham Settlement agreed, adding: “It was an excellent end to a very useful day. Over100 people passed through our doors during the day, seeking a variety of money advice and opportunities to get more involved in their community. We’d definitely look to do further work with Women & Theatre, as projects like this reach out across so many barriers. It was a fantastic day.”


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