At DDPR, we understand the importance of targeted communications, imaginative ideas and strong media contacts. Our focus in on achieving maximum impact and long term benefits for our clients through effective PR.

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Clients Testimonials



Digital marketing is crucial to a successful PR campaign. DDPR recognizes this and are able to offer your brand the ability to maintain a two way conversation with your customers…

DDPR Connect


Introducing, DDPR Connect – our new service that gives you access and insight into your latest campaigns. Connect allows you to take control of your email presence…

Public Relations


A wise man once said ‘Everything you say or do is PR’, and businesses have lived and died by that principle. From Gerald Ratner’s career destroying gaffe, to Richard Branson’s strokes of genius…



Here at DDPR we have the combined expertise of over 50 years in the PR game, and we’d like to share our collective wisdom with you. Whether it’s a short course on writing press…

Community Engagement


You can’t keep all of the people happy all of the time, but you can involve people in the decision making, ensuring that they know they are being heard and respected – that’s the basis…

Events Management & Support


Whether it’s a launch party, an exhibition or a charity dinner, events management is not for the faint hearted….

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