Banana brand nets bunch of awards

Banana brand nets bunch of awards

Banana brand nets bunch of awards

Ceinconsa SA, growers of BanaBay bananas, the new brand launched earlier this year, have netted an impressive two places in the hotly contested ‘Banana King’ competition, which is held each year in Ecuador – a country recognised worldwide for producing premium quality bananas.

Competing with over 30 established plantations for five winning positions, BanaBay premium  bananas were judged on both size and quality. After a thorough examination of each plantation’s entry, the judges announced the winners, including both third and fourth position for BanaBay producers Ceinconsa.

Plantation director Danilo Serrano was extremely pleased with the result, “We were up against plantations widely known as the best in Ecuador, so the pressure was really on,” he said. “We’re extremely happy to have achieved both third and fourth place – out of five positions on the podium, our BanaBay bananas were on two! It was great to have the quality of our fruit recognized in this way by the industry.”

Since BanaBay bananas were introduced into the UK just nine months ago, the new brand has gone from strength to strength, with a million BanaBay bananas transported a week, not only supplying the UK, but also being importing into Ireland, The Netherlands, Egypt and, most recently, New Zealand.

Managing Director Mark O’Sullivan believes the brand’s success is due to the premium quality of the produce, but also the direct sourcing opportunity created by the company’s 50% Ecuadorian and 50% UK ownership, which means customers enjoy the benefits of shorter, more flexible supply chains and can have confidence in reliability of supply.

“Our success in this Ecuadorian competition confirms what we already know – our bananas are top quality,” he says. “Feedback from the marketplace confirms people love both the look and the taste of our bananas – and clearly the judges agreed!”

BanaBay bananas are grown on extensive, ethically managed plantations, harvested and shipped all over the world. The growers have built a reputation for quality over the last thirty years; currently they hold GlobalGAP certification and shortly will be FairTrade and Organic Fair Trade accredited.

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