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Entec International deliver essential PPE supplies across UK & Europe

UK based Entec International, specialist MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) supply chain services providers, has been supporting several of its longest standing clients in procuring and providing essential PPE equipment to sites in the UK and across Europe, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic – a move that director Mike Robinson says puts MRO supply chains in the spotlight.

Entec is best known for providing MRO services to global manufacturers’ production facilities across Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. However, several clients, including a global alcohol beverage company, were in desperate need of specific PPE products that they had been unable to source either in the UK or anywhere in the EU as COVID-19 security restrictions took hold.

In UK and Ireland alone, Entec has distributed products to over 20 food and beverage sites, and following similar requests from other food & beverage clients, has also despatched PPE to production facilities all over Europe, including Poland, Romania, Greece, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Entec’s Procurement Manager Gurjit Johal explains, “Within two working days of receiving the initial request from our global alcoholic beverage client, we had not only sourced one of the main products required and had them approved – a process that usually takes far longer – but we had also placed a Purchase Order for over 3000 Cases (36,000  x 500 ml bottles of sanitiser).

Almost simultaneously, Entec was asked to source another PPE product by the same client and, again within just a few days, the product was approved and ordered, with the first batch arriving on site within 10 days. In total Entec has now supplied the client with 15 Pallets, with 840 cases, over 10,000 tubs, totalling 2 million products.

Beyond the UK and Europe, the company is also providing much needed PPE products to client sites in 7 countries in Asia Pacific, with further enquiries being handled for over 2 million items of a third PPE product for delivery across 4 continents.

In a thank you from the CPO of the global beverage group, Gurjit received the following message:
“A big THANK YOU for all of your support in helping us to source a number of needed items as we work to keep our employees safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Entec has been a really supportive partner, and more specifically, you have been incredibly proactive and responsive – even able to find us certain products when no one else could!  We sincerely appreciate your hard work and support in these difficult times and look forward to our continued partnership “

Concluding, Entec Director Mike Robinson commented, “Generally, the focus for manufacturers is on parts procurement and supply, but in these strange times, the need for PPE has brought to the fore the essential role of MRO in keeping plants in production and employees safe. Effective streamlining and management of MRO supply chains can provide huge benefits in terms of cost savings, efficiency gains and reduced carbon footprint.”

Pictured: Mike Robinson, Entec Director


The latest contract from its multinational beverage and snack foods client has seen MRO supply chain specialist Entec International commence delivery of its full 3PMRO service within the sub-continent for the first time.

The move follows successful projects for the global brand across Asia, Middle East and North Africa (AMENA) operations, most recently in Australia and New Zealand, where Entec exceeded tough targets for reducing cost and improving productivity.

During the first phase of the AMENA project, Entec delivered a 7.3% cost reduction against the client’s multimillion-dollar MRO spend over twelve months, managing the complexity of multiple suppliers, multiple currencies and logistics along some challenging global supply chains. In January this year, phase two of the project saw Entec taking over the management and supply of a further 300 local suppliers across the client’s three operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Now, the company will be rolling out the same 3PMRO service for client operations in Pakistan.

“This major client has multiple facilities with manufacturing, packaging and utilities capital plant, all of which require a consistent and reliable flow of operating spares, to ensure stable profitable production,” Entec Director Mike Robinson explains. “In Australia and New Zealand, we have slashed spares shipments by 73%, massively reducing logistics cost and Co2 output, while a 59% decrease in process to pay transactions has avoided over US$62,000 in operational costs within the P2P cycle.”

“Entec have transformed a complex, multiple supplier process into an optimised, MRO supply chain with service and value, measured to key performance indicators, reported monthly. This has delivered management control to the client along with substantial savings. Holding a supply contract for the entire AMENA region, our team is poised to deliver similar benefits in Pakistan, with China and Latin America sites joining later this year. We see opportunity for a genuinely global 3PMRO project and the additional ROCE benefit this will deliver as spares are shared across regional or global sites will be significant”

The client’s Pakistan operations joined the contract in March 2018, with Entec collating all offshore MRO spend for the Sundar (Lahore) and Multan Plants as part of phase 1.  Phase 2 and 3 will now transition into local procurement management and inventory optimisation.

“The contract is already exceeding its agreed goals, with both parties benefiting from better than planned productivity to targets, with an excellent customer relationship underpinning progress,” Mike Robinson says.

Entec’s Business Development Manager for the region, Richard Zeverona will be visiting Pakistan in September to introduce newly appointed in-country based customer relationship manager Hafiz Muhammad Kashif.

Commenting, Richard Zeverona said, “I was really excited to return to Pakistan this summer to establish the relationship with our client’s operations supply management teams, having lived and worked all over the country in the early 90s.  It was great to travel back to Lahore, and rekindle my relationship with both the city and country. I have enjoyed a warm and generous welcome welcome from the management teams from Procurement, Engineering, Finance and the Stores and look forward to replicating in Pakistan our success across the AMENA region.”

Entec’s Business Development Manager for the region, Richard Zeverona
Customer relationship manager Hafiz Muhammad Kashif



UK firm Entec International is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and pays tribute to 300 years of combined service from 20 of the longest serving members of staff.

The West Midlands based business was created from an opportunity to source, procure and consolidate parts for a manufacturing company in the Middle East. Today it provides specialised 3PMRO (3rd party maintenance, repair & operations) services worldwide.

The Entec teams of sourcing, procurement and logistics specialists manage the daily production and packaging equipment spares need for a range of global brand clients, with manufacturing operations in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Entec procurement and supply chain management service ensures their FMCG, Beverage, Mining and Minerals, facilities are maintained at best cost and optimal performance.

Mike Robinson and Chris Syner, who started the business around Chris’ kitchen table in 1989, recall that in the first year of trading the company turned over £27,000 and made a profit of £489.  30 years later, Entec is a fast-growing export business with a multimillion-pound turnover and a footprint on several continents.

Following best-ever results for 2018, the first half of 2019 figures indicate another record-breaking year, following new contracts in a sector requiring the same 3PMRO service Entec delivers to its FMCG clients, but on a larger scale. This year the company has also increased trade with longstanding customers in the established regions of Africa and the Middle East.

According to Mike Robinson, 2020 will bring the Americas into Entec’s supply portfolio as an existing client introduces the 3PMRO service to more of their global operations.

“Over the decades we have invested in our ICT and communications technology, recognising that our value proposition needs to extend further each year if we are to stay engaged with global businesses over the long term,” he says. “Most of our client agreements renew annually, some are 25 years old and innovation keeps each one of them fresh.  We partner with all our customers to better understand their business language, operational challenges and ways of working; our service can be tailored to meet either a market or plant specific need.”

Chris Syner adds, “Our ‘300’ club celebrates the fact that our staff are what makes Entec great. Our clients can call upon a combined 300 years of experience covering a hugely diverse range of technical products, which are being shipped daily along some of the most complex supply chains in the world. In my view, their knowledge, expertise and commitment give Entec a unique advantage as we take on each new challenge and turn it into an opportunity. This is our chance to say thank you to them and to our clients for making our business a success over the last 30 years.”


Editors’ notes: List of names for the 300 club photo and years’ service
Left to right - Years of service
Michael Nicholas 12
Leanne Byng 10
Allan Gechie 16
Claudia Spooner 18
Ben Walters 16
Christine Brearley 26
Gemma Pickard 11
Mike Robinson 30
Chris Syner 30
Helen Evans 16
Caroline Haycock 16
Paul Carter 11
Kathryn Ratcliffe 11
Paul Cresswell 21
Gurjit Johal 10
Oliver Syner 10
Charlie Patterson 10

Missing on the day:
David Moore 14
Rachel Nicholas 13
Paul Garratt 11

Based in the UK, Entec International is one of the world’s leading authorities on MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) and indirect spend management, offering a professionally managed single source, multiple supplier procurement process, with global reach.

Established over 25 years ago, Entec International have managed complex supply chains for some of the world’s largest manufacturers in over 70 different shipping destinations.

Entec’s client base includes customers in the food and beverage packaging industries, oil, gas production, textile processing and mining & minerals sectors.

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