Winter weather rescue for you car

Winter weather rescue for you car

Winter weather rescue for you car

January’s here and that usually means a nightmare for motorists with a combination of ice, road salt and early dark nights – culminating in dirty vehicles and unhappy drivers.

Fortunately, Autosheen, the UK’s leading valeting business, is well prepared to come to the rescue, with its new Signature Detailing service – a bodywork protection system for the cream of the crop of cars.

The new ‘detailing’ service, originally an American concept, provides the ultimate valet, cleaning all aspects of the vehicle, including paintwork, glass, wheels, interior upholstery and trim – even under the bonnet – leaving everything immaculate.

Once paintwork and glass is completely dirt-free, franchisees apply a Tribos protective coating, which lasts for up to three years, sealing and protecting vehicles from problems caused by exposure to weather, pollutants, insect remains and road salt.

Paul Fennell, managing director of Autosheen, said: “This superb new service from Autosheen offers motorists the ultimate valet. It is the perfect treatment for people who love their cars, preventing corrosion and keeping your vehicle looking like new, no matter what the weather outside is doing.”

The Tribos coating is also available either in conjunction with any of Autosheen’s wide range of valets or as a stand-alone service. As well as creating a showroom standard shine, Tribos is water and oil repellent and protects paintwork from UV rays. The treatment can also be applied to alloys, windscreens and vehicle interiors to provide long term protection through the winter months – so, no more smeary windscreens and messy footwells.

Autosheen offers a varied range of valets from less than £30 up to £1,000. For further information please contact Autosheen on 0800 131 3301 or visit


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