Time Travelling Toby Launch at National Space Centre

Time Travelling Toby Launch at National Space Centre

Time Travelling Toby Launch at National Space Centre

The latest book in the Time Travelling Toby series, Time Travelling Toby and the Apollo Moon Landing, will be launched at the National Space Centre on Saturday 3rd October.

The new book will be launched on World Space Day  by the author Graham Jones with special guest, Maggie Lieu, a PhD student in Astrophysics that  had signed up for a one way ticket to Mars with the Mars One project.

The launch event which is open to all, will be an interactive session that includes a book reading, the building of a time machine and a question and answer session. “I am so excited to be launching this new book with Maggie,” says Graham.  “Her enthusiasm and love of astronomy is infectious and I know she will be an inspiration to all  young fans of space travel that dream of being an astronaut.”

Maggie has written a forward to the new book and says, “As an astronomer and student and researcher of Astrophysics, I definitely want to travel to space one day and I hope that Time Travelling Toby’s adventures in space will inspire lots of children to want to do the same.”

Time Travelling Toby and the Apollo Moon Landing is the third book in the series that follows the adventures of Toby and his brothers as they travel through time.  This book, like the others, is designed to generate interest in historical events whilst also giving kids a fun and interesting story to spark their imagination.

The books which include accurate historical facts and a detailed design for the time machine, have been a great hit with kids, critics, parents and teachers.

The launch workshop takes place on Saturday 03 October at 12.30pm in the Learning Centre The Time Travelling Toby books are available from selected independent book shops and direct by visiting amazon or www.timetravellingtoby.com


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