Spal Presents The World’s Most Advanced Cooling

Spal Presents The World’s Most Advanced Cooling

Spal Presents The World’s Most Advanced Cooling

As automotive technology accelerates and creates the need for more intelligent, exacting and demanding cooling requirements, SPAL Automotive has introduced 13 new motors to its range of brushless products.

As one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high performance fans and blowers the new SPAL range spans the spectrum of applications from a compact 10W fan for secondary cooling up to the largest and most powerful 850W HT for conventional  main engine and battery cooling on hybrid and electric vehicles.

All the motors in the range have been built and are in production with the option of shrouds and blades – optimised for airflow – available for manufacture bespoke to customer and individual application specifications.

Software controlled for maximum efficiency, fully sealed, lightweight and robust, fans deliver up to 30,000 hours life, exceed industry safety standards, and contribute to reduction of emissions with fuel efficiency.

Kevin Aldrich, Business Development Manager at SPAL says:  “This is the most advanced cooling technology available and because the industry doesn’t stand still, we are equipped to produce fans to the exact specification of the customer.  We start with the motor and add the rest of fan unit to order to achieve the precise airflow, optimum performance and a finished component which fits within the space required.”

To accommodate increased demand for the new range, SPAL is opening a dedicated 15,000sqm brushless production facility at its headquarters in Correggio, Italy.  Fully operational by the end of 2015, it will boost brushless capacity by an additional 1.5m units a year.

To discuss your OEM requirements, contact Kevin Aldrich or access the online brochure at

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