SPAL Automotive long-life product suits Refrigerated Transport Market

SPAL Automotive long-life product suits Refrigerated Transport Market

SPAL Automotive long-life product suits Refrigerated Transport Market

SPAL Automotive, leading Italian owned global brand, and designer and manufacturer of high quality electric fans and blowers, is targeting the strong home delivery market in the UK with its brushless technology axial fans.

With the drive for energy efficiency to offset the rising cost of fuel and increased investment in low and zero emission vehicles, components need to contribute to the need to reduce the power load and the overall weight of a vehicle. SPAL has taken this on board with a low power high performance fan which draws considerably less power compared to a traditional fan, while reaching significantly improved electrical efficiency.
A key development in SPAL fans which will make them of value to transport and logistics in the refrigerated sector is the longevity of performance, which stands at over 30,000 hours running time and this is unmatched by any other cooling fan on the market.
SPAL axial fans owe their extended life to brushless technology. Fewer moving parts means a more dynamic performance and greater durability as there are no extraneous parts to wear away. Meanwhile adaptive smart technology allows the motor to sense optimum performance regardless of the external environment, or the location in which the component is installed. The sealed motor unit is impervious to the weather and the proximity of extremes of heat and cold. This means that a SPAL fan can operate in a confined space, cool the engine and a refrigerated unit and not be affected whether in stationery traffic or when it’s docked in a trailer park.
As more home delivery fleets take to the roads, an estimated additional 7,000 vehicles every year, the introduction of a long life fan offers a clear advantage and helps guard against the threat of refrigeration failure.
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