New ‘Ageless Design’ Website Offers Product Guide To Inclusive Bathrooms

New ‘Ageless Design’ Website Offers Product Guide To Inclusive Bathrooms

New ‘Ageless Design’ Website Offers Product Guide To Inclusive Bathrooms

With an aging population and 1 in 10 people in the UK registered as having a disability, bathroom manufacturers are increasingly aware of the need for inclusive design products for the whole family, that work for all ages and abilities, without sacrificing style.

Accordingly, a new ‘ageless design’ website has been launched by the BMA (Bathroom Manufacturers Association) to provide helpful advice and product guidance for people who may need a few extra facilities in the bathroom, either for themselves or for a family member.

BMA CEO Yvonne Orgill says, “Bathing is an integral part of life and it is essential that those who need special care have easy access to properly equipped bathrooms to maintain self-respect and independence. But that doesn’t mean such bathrooms need to be utilitarian; offers great ideas for the smallest to the most opulent of bathrooms, together with thoughtful suggestions for achieving the perfect mix of functional facilities and fabulous design.

With careful planning and the right products there is absolutely no reason why a new bathroom shouldn’t look stylish and meet the needs of everyone who uses it.”

The new ageless design website is easy to navigate and includes useful information on products and design, as well as installation and safety.

You can search for suitable items for your home and download fact sheets on a range of topics, such as how to choose a supplier, or a guide to the latest regulations.

The website is supported by BMA members who cater for this specialist market and includes best practice guidance and practical advice for anyone wanting to design an inclusive bathroom.

The BMA is an independent organisation representing over 80 manufacturing groups and 100+ brand in the UK.


Editors notes:
The multi award winning BMA, based at Keele’s Innovation Centre, is the trade association for bathroom manufacturers operating in the UK. It is the principal ‘Voice of the Bathroom Industry’ and acts as a hub for the industry, government, the EU and the consumer on issues that affect the bathroom business.

The BMA represents, through its technical, marketing and management committees, the interests of over 60 major bathroom manufacturing groups and service providers with over 100 well-known brands in the market place. The manufacturing base directly employs well over 10,000 people across 80+ sites around the UK.

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