Naked Banana

Naked Banana

Naked Banana

Our intrepid client Vehnet has been keeping us on our toes this year. Always looking for imaginative ideas, they have been guinea pigs for various innovative approaches over the years and tend to embrace most of them with gusto! The latest project has been to support the automotive logistics software specialists in their quest to reach out to the rapidly developing marketplace in India. ‘Project Naked Banana’ – which is not as naughty as it sounds – has involved marketing a book written by industry journalist Ramesh Kumar and sponsored by Vehnet to automotive OEMs and Logistics Services Providers (LSPs) in the subcontinent.

Managing Director Steve Jones’ blog has detailed his adventures travelling with Ramesh around stock yards in India, we have sent an eblast to a database of contacts in the world of automotive logistics in India and Steve has taken part in the Automotive Logistics India conference, held this year in Pune.

‘In case you’re wondering about the intriguing book title, apparently ‘peeling your own banana’ is a well recognised saying in India, meaning one should take responsibility and control, rather than looking to others to ‘peel the banana’ for you!

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