Modern Homes Partnership to Bring Fine Dining Into The Home

Modern Homes Partnership to Bring Fine Dining Into The Home

Modern Homes Partnership to Bring Fine Dining Into The Home

Leamington Spa based kitchen, bathroom and bedroom retailer, Modern Homes has launched a partnership with ‘Yes Chef Dining’, a new fine dining company specialising in high end cuisine, providing catering and private dining, large scale food events and everything in between.

The core aim is to put the restaurant on the road, making high-end cuisine available for everyone and challenging any pre-conceived ideas about fine dining being over complicated and the common concern that ‘posh’ food is extortionately expensive and disproportionately tiny. If the people won’t go to the posh restaurant then let’s bring the posh restaurant to the people!

‘Yes Chef Dining’ will specialise in a variety of services.  They will cater for private parties and events, proving that a buffet doesn’t need to consist of the same old boring fare, and it is possible to have a sit-down meal for a large number of guests whilst maintaining a high standard of cuisine.

Another unique service that has already proven popular is where the chef comes to the diner’s own kitchen, no matter how small or under equipped, producing high-end restaurant quality food in the domestic dinner party setting. All the stress of the soiree has been removed without taking away any of the glory for the host! He even washes up!

At the heart of ‘Yes Chef Dining’ is Richard Bramble, the chef himself. He has been in the restaurant trade for over half his life, starting at the age of 15 as a pot washer and working his way through the ranks to eventually earn his status as a head chef. With the arrival of his baby son, Richard felt it was time for a new direction and developed the concept of ‘Yes Chef Dining’.

As the business develops ‘Yes Chef Dining’ hopes to branch out, with a view to doing cooking demonstrations, coaching and lessons, music and food festivals – there may even be a cookbook in the pipeline!

With all the core concepts of the business Richard believes ‘Yes Chef Dining’ covers every aspect of dining. He explains that “with experience and imagination we can bring fine-dining out of the restaurant, making it different, relevant, exciting and more importantly, accessible”.

Visit  to view sample menus and find out more.

Picture: Richard Bramble, Yes Chef Dining

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