Light up your life with Mereway Kitchens

Light up your life with Mereway Kitchens

Light up your life with Mereway Kitchens

Creating an ambience and enhancing your kitchen design with sophisticated lighting is now easy to achieve thanks to a partnership between leading kitchen furniture manufacturer Mereway Kitchens and forward-thinking lighting company Sensio Lighting.

Combining Mereway’s exceptional design skills and the latest LED technology offers consumers the opportunity to not only reduce energy usage and achieve cost savings but to allow a designer the flexibility to enhance a kitchen design in many different ways. A designer can create a whole new look for a kitchen by effective use of LED lighting.

The two companies now offer a comprehensive LED lighting solution that includes pre-prepared cabinets and hidden wiring for seamless and easy integration.

The Mereway/Sensio range of premium HD LED lighting includes, mood lighting to create an atmosphere, task lighting for work areas and convenience lighting to help direct light into hard to reach places such as drawers. There is a broad collection of products available including internal drawer and cabinet strip lights, over and under cabinet options and flexible strip and plinth lighting. Additional gadgets such as dimmers and remote controls are also included in the range for those looking for the very latest technology.

Graham Jones, Mereway Kitchens’ sales and marketing director comments, “Lighting is an integral part of any kitchen design and an opportunity that is often missed. We can now offer a variety of range content to make the integration of lighting really simple. And with lighting adding perceived value to a kitchen along with that intangible ‘wow’ factor, this is a perfect partnership.”

Caption: The Lastra kitchen from the Cucina Colore collection illustrates how lighting can transform a kitchen.

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