Johnny Grey Talks Furniture and Design in Simon Acres Group Latest Legends Film

Renowned kitchen designer Johnny Grey is featured in the latest Simon Acres Group ‘Industry Legends’ series. Widely acknowledged to have been at the forefront of kitchen design since the 1980s, Johnny Grey has authored five books, is visiting professor of design and kitchen culture at Bucks New University and works with the Royal Society of Arts to spread kitchen design into universities worldwide. He runs Johnny Grey Studios, which has designed kitchens for high-profile clients since 1978.

“It was a privilege to talk with Johnny,” says Simon Acres Group Principal Director, Simon Acres. “He is a true legend within the kitchen design sector, recognised for his interest in innovation, world class ideas about kitchen design as well as his custom made, contemporary kitchens. His recent move into creating multigenerational kitchens is a part of behaviour centred design approach for those with disability or ageing issues and how we will live together in the future.

“Johnny’s insights into kitchen design are fascinating. He has an unrivalled passion for craftsmanship and British design. He is also committed to training the designers of the future with his work at Bucks New University.”

During the film Johnny talked about the future of retailing. He said, “Independent retailers are a great asset to the UK design industry. They have to work together to promote the benefits of design excellence. Working with other professionals such as architects and property agents can be useful, but above all, I would encourage designers to push the boundaries and engage with their customers, showing they care about them and their lifestyles and not just the sale.

“I would urge designers to take risks and question their customers about what they really want from their kitchen. Look at all options and present them with ideas they may not have considered. A kitchen is probably the most expensive item people buy for their home. Retailers can reflect this by putting in the time and care to develop thoughtful solutions that are presented with creativity and confidence.”
The Johnny Grey film can be found on the Simon Acres Group website seen here.

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