Dimerco Strengthens Top Team to Build on Continued Business Growth

Dimerco Express Group celebrated 45 years in business earlier this month with a number of tactical internal appointments to secure the continued expansion of the company’s global network, following a strong performance in 2016 with sales revenues increase up by 6.6% comparing to previous year.

Announced at the group’s Annual Management Meeting, on 10th February, the changes to the management line up were focused on consolidating the HQ’s team and relocating key staff to develop opportunities in buoyant regions namely North America and Europe where business was up by 28.5% and 29.2% respectively on the previous year.

Mr. Paul Lee was relocated as Chief Commercial Officer to ensure that Dimerco Express Group maintains its position as a major international logistics service provider. Mr. Joey Chou was appointed Corporate Vice President, Business Development. To cultivate Dimerco’s strategic partnerships, Mr. Andy Hsu was announced as President, Greater China.

After heading up Europe, one of the group’s best performing regions, Mr. Brandon Wang is now relocating to serve as General Manager, North America, East Coast. Meanwhile, Mr. Eddie Lin is taking over as Regional Director, Europe. And finally, Mr. Kelvin Lin is expanding his logistics responsibilities as General Manager, North East Asia.

To mark the 45th year of Dimerco Express Group, Founder and Chairman Mr. Paul Chien, presented the company’s considerable achievements and outlined strategic plans for the future.

Founded in 1971, Dimerco first expanded from the Asia Pacific region to North America, setting up its first overseas office in New York within five years, and opening in Singapore within ten as beachhead to expand in Asian Countries. By 1991, Dimerco had established further operations in Greater China, Northeast Asia and Europe.

In 1991-1995, Dimerco focused on building its network in Greater China, to establish the region as its “Home Market”, then in 2012 partnered in a Joint Venture to set up operations in India and in 2013 invested further in Dalian, China with a strategic partner.

The network has continued to grow and Dimerco has achieved increasing recognition and a number of Awards for excellence from the various regions within which it operates.

Commenting on the occasion of its 45th anniversary, Founder and Chairman Mr. Paul Chien said, “Our philosophy is, and continues to be, to grow the business together with our strategic partners, and to share the prosperity with all our productive employees & partner agents. We are rightly proud of our achievements to date, will continue to focus on growth and look forward to another prosperous year ahead.”

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