BanaBay to Benefit from UKTI US Scholarship

BanaBay to Benefit from UKTI US Scholarship

BanaBay to Benefit from UKTI US Scholarship

BanaBay is in a bid to crack the US market in fresh produce as its Global Marketing Executive Briony Dunmore has won a UKTI scholarship to the Kellogg School of Management based at Northwestern University, Chicago.

In October, Briony will travel to the States to study at the School and discover how to tackle the biggest market in the world.
Taking on a mature and competitive market, the approach will be to target health-conscious consumers with an appreciation for quality and ethical business practices.

Briony says:  “BanaBay has much to offer in terms of its CSR record and quality assurance programme.  I feel our larger competitors are more concerned with pushing down prices and this ultimately compromises quality so there’s definitely room for an ethical, high-quality banana brand in the US.”

Briony is also mindful of the imminent Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership so the time is right for her to be doing a course in US business practice and brand development.  This will help her put together a US business plan and give BanaBay the springboard it needs to be successful in this challenging and impressive market.

Peter West, Trade Advisor at UKTI who nominated Briony for the award adds: “I have worked with BanaBay over the past 3 years and watched as they have grown throughout Europe and the Far East. The Kellogg Scholarship Programme provides the company, and Briony in particular, an excellent opportunity to understand the key Market, Legislative and Financial drivers required to enable successful expansion into the North America market.”


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