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Drive Vauxhall, one of the UK’s largest privately-owned automotive retail groups, has reported substantial cost and time savings resulting from the roll-out Car Delivery Network’s (CDN) vinDISPATCH cloud-based software across its 11 dealerships nationwide.

According to Michelle Beasley, Group Administration Manager, Drive Vauxhall use vinDISPATCH every day at every dealership. “It has delivered major cost savings for us; what’s more we are able to move vehicles more quickly, improving our customer service,” she says.

Previously, Drive had their own in-house trade plate drivers, but also used local transport companies, calling around by phone to arrange a vehicle pick up and delivery, then often having to wait several days before the vehicle could be moved.

With CDN’s vinDISPATCH, Michelle says vehicle movements can be arranged quickly and efficiently, invariably with visibility of the entire job from pick up to delivery. All details of the journey can be captured by the software in real-time, including damage codes and images if appropriate.

“We first trailed vinDISPATCH in 2013 and were so impressed that within a month we’d rolled out the software to all our sites,” Michelle recalls. “Three years into the contract we were approached by another company offering to manage our transport and trade driving, but having looked at their proposal, frankly they couldn’t get anywhere near Car Delivery Network. We’re very happy with vinDISPATCH and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all transport companies and drivers on the system have been pre-vetted by CDN and have the necessary insurance.”

vinDISPATCH is a simple way for Dealers, OEM’s, Rental, Remarketing, Auction, Fleet and Leasing companies to match and control vehicle delivery requirements with a network of their approved transport companies. It was the first online and networked platform for vehicle delivery logistics to market and provides complete visibility and control over the vehicle movement delivery process. Today, the CDN remains the only networked and open connectivity platform in the automotive industry.

Drive Vauxhall has a turnover of approximately £250 million per annum and over 900 members of staff employed in 11 dealerships across the UK. It is one of a growing number of major dealership groups to recognise the benefits and adopt vinDISPATCH for their online vehicle logistics management.


Pictured: Michelle Beasley, Group Administration Manager, Drive Vauxhall

Car Delivery Network (CDN) is seeing a steady stream of trucking companies signing up for vinDELIVER, its market-leading ePOD software, due to OEM Ford’s requirement in the US that all service suppliers must offer ePOD capability.

According to CDN’s General Manager Derric Hicks, although Ford does not specify the software, an increasing number of trucking operations serving Ford are selecting CDN’s vinDELIVER because of its wider functionality.

“We’re proud to announce that our most recent new business gains include Yada Enterprises and Southern Trucking Enterprises, with a number of other transportation companies in the CDN pipeline,” he said. “CDN comes highly recommended by AT Advantage, who provide the transport management system (TMS) used by Yada, Southern and many others.”

Both companies are now live and expect to achieve ePOD compliance for Ford, as well as an easy transition from paper to ePOD for their drivers, which will streamline their process and reducing time and cost.

CDN’s cloud-based software, provides not just ePOD functionality, but is effectively an online TMS for carriers, with built in loadboards, API connectivity and network communications. Carriers can simply connect their existing transport management and logistics planning systems to vinDELIVER and start collecting information electronically in real time from their drivers at the point of service delivery.

Information such as signatures, damage photos, AIAG damage codes, scanned paperwork, GPS locations, status updates and time stamps can be stored on the system and can be made available to the OEM’s system using a simple API or accessed via the web portal.

VinDELIVER is available as a free mobile app from Google or Apple, enabling drivers to collect pickup and delivery information on their tablets or smartphones; it can also be loaded onto fully rugged units.

Derric Hicks concludes, “We believe that there is real momentum towards ePOD in the marketplace, as more OEMs mandate carriers to adopt the technology. Also, carriers themselves are independently recognizing the benefits of increased visibility and control in the ‘final mile’ of the supply chain. Real time reporting has enabled significant improvement is customer service and satisfaction, delivering value-add competitive edge.”

Thousands of drivers are already using vinDELIVER. Currently, CDN has over 1330 registered automotive transport fleets across the U.S. and Canada, including some of the largest and best known operators, who between them service 10 OEMs.

Leading MRO logistics specialist Entec International has implemented a zero plastic packaging policy at its Midlands based warehouse in Halesowen, stripping out all plastic packaging from incoming products and replacing with biodegradable alternatives before shipping overseas to clients.

A high percentage of the firm’s business serving blue-chip companies is conducted in Africa, which according to Pollution & Waste Management magazine, has the ‘dubious honour of being the second most polluted continent on the planet’, largely due to inadequate waste management infrastructure.

Consequently, Entec International has embraced this year’s World Environment Day theme of ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ and committed to remove and recycle all plastic waste from incoming packaging. The company has invested in new biodegradable shrink wrapping and box shredding machinery to enable shredded cardboard to replace the plastic packing around products.

Managing director of Entec, Chris Syner comments, “We have been doing business in Africa for almost 30 years and most of the plastic pollution comes from outside the continent, so we felt that this was something we could do that is ethically and environmentally responsible in any case, but that also puts something back into a continent in which we’ve built a very successful business.”

He adds, “In our first month, we have removed and recycled 8.5 CBM of assorted plastic waste that serves no purpose other than to fill a void in a package and protect the enclosed parts. Over a year, we will be removing the equivalent of 3.65 20ft shipping containers of plastic pollution – over five years, 18.25 containers. Apart from investment in new machinery and recycling, the cost to us is time, effort and energy, which we all deem well worth it!”

Eighty percent of the continent’s GDP is concentrated in just 11 African countries, including Nigeria and Ghana, where Entec operate – all of which are have prominent coastlines and rivers likely to transport a large quantity of land-based waste, including plastic pollution, as they make their way to the ocean.

While cardboard biodegrades in 8 weeks, Styrofoam takes 60 years with some types of plastic taking between 400 – 10,000 years.

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