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A Midlands based specialist design and construction company has handed over new laboratories and a clinical suite to the region’s longest-established independent fertility clinics, Midland Fertility.

Cleanroom Design and Construction (CDC) held a ceremony to mark the completion of the facilities at Ventura Park Road, Tamworth.

As the principal contractor, CDC, in partnership with the Midland Fertility board of directors, fully designed, installed, commissioned and validated the extensive state of the art laboratories within the new premises. As part of this comprehensive refurbishment programme CDC also provided ‘front of house’ areas including new entrance and reception area, consultation and scanning suites, staff office and ‘break-out’ areas.

CDC sales director Steve Heyes says, “We are delighted to have delivered this project to the client’s satisfaction.”

Anna Kavanagh, business and quality director at Midland Fertility added, “CDC has played a vital role in helping us deliver this amazing facility which will significantly improve the environment for our patients and staff.

“We are proud that that we now offer one of the most advanced IVF clinics in the UK.”

Changes to the welfare system are still leaving many families confused and under-claiming benefits, according to latest statistics from Severn Trent Trust Fund.  The charity checks if applicants are receiving the benefits they are entitled to as part of their process to help those that cannot pay their water bills and maximise income. The Trust has found an increase in the amount that is being under claimed resulting in more and more families missing out.

Records show that in-between April and July last year the average amount of benefits being under-claimed was £2.5k and this has risen by 40 percent to £3.5k for the same period this year.

“This is a worrying trend for families that are already struggling to make ends meets,” says Stuart Braley CEO of Auriga services, the administrators of the Severn Trent Trust Fund.

“Our experienced debt advisors take a lifestyle approach and assist with income maximisation in a number of ways, reviewing people’s circumstances, helping prepare budgets, as well as looking at what benefits are being claimed. It is our aim to help people regain control of their finances  so that they can be better equipped to manage money better in the future and reduce their debt.

“In our experience there are more examples of genuine need than the so called benefit scroungers that we see on TV and in the headlines.  If this trend continues we could see real hardship as the summer draws to a close and families count the cost of  the school holidays and start to worry about finding enough money for Christmas.”


Note for editor

The Severn Trent Trust Fund is a charitable trust established by Severn Trent Water that has donated £6million for the period 2012 to 2014 to help customers who are experiencing severe hardship.   The Charitable Trust Fund also provides grants to help individuals, in many cases helping with essential household items or bills.

Further Info on the Severn Trent Trust Fund: DDPR. Tel: 01384 878777

Severn Trent Water serves more than 4.2m homes and business customers and has the lowest combined water and waste water bills in England and Wales.

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