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Going for a promotion? Image is everything in business and so having a fully equipped corporate wardrobe is much like having the right armour before going into battle.  You need enough carefully crafted pieces which go together and some meticulous forward planning.

Enter Capsule Wardrobe Builder a brand new service offered by made-to-measure clothing experts Suit the City.

Combining style consultancy and a flexible savings scheme, Capsule Wardrobe Builder enables you to set money aside each month to put towards a bespoke Suit the City seasonal collection.

Sallie Belton, Director at Suit the City explains:

“The ideal working wardrobe is what every business person seeking business success or career advancement needs in their arsenal and there is special skill involved in determining the right capsule wardrobe components for the individual.  We spend a lot of time defining a client’s needs and can distil these down to a person’s working week.

“For example, if a client needs to prepare for a regular two day meeting in Europe I know from experience that you can achieve the right look in three easy pieces.   Take two jackets in different styles and one skirt and team them with a blouse and a dress and you are done.

“Even better by choosing the right fabrics you can fit all of your requirements into carry-on luggage to avoid the risk of bags lost in transit – a tip based on bitter experience.

“It is also vital to be practical and ruthless in the construction of a capsule wardrobe. So that once funds have built up and it is time to disburse, there should be no waste – everything needs to mix and match in terms of styles, colours and textures – with ample budget remaining for accessories.

“Having taken all the necessary measurements at the start of the process, we can then work with the client referencing pictures and samples to create the made-to-measure garments for the capsule wardrobe.”

As for contributing to the Capsule Wardrobe Builder fund, this can also be tailored to a client’s means.  For example a new graduate might only manage a monthly contribution of £100 while more senior executives in the range of £200-300.

“We appreciate that some clients may have a bonus to put into the pot while others might have a ‘poor month’ so it is up to them to decide what they contribute and when.  The end result with some careful planning is the ideal spring or autumn/winter seasonal wardrobe to help get that promotion in the bag.”

Made-to-measure clothing franchise Suit the City is offering a range of fabulously funky new linings from BusinessPunks for their high quality Savile Row suits.

Guildford based franchisee Tony Carr explains, “Most of our clients are highly successful business people who inhabit a corporate world where well cut suits are daily wear. They like to look smart and expensively dressed; individual styling is very important, but some want to go that extra step to express the personality behind the business role. One of my clients – a hedge fund manager – has a great sense of fun and has become the first to embrace this idea. He has ordered a classic dark navy suit, but with a psychedelic union jack lining, which looks fantastic!”

The linings created by BusinessPunks are based on unique art, designed by artists from all over the world. The range includes a Beatles collage, psychedelic union jack, city lights, street talk and animaltic.

Managing Director Carol Rawson adds, “The BusinessPunk linings are something different for franchisees to offer clients. We offer a huge range of different Savile Row fabrics for our clients to choose from and our franchisees have great fun getting creative and helping design clothing that is incredibly well made and highly individual.”

Suit the City franchisees provide an exclusive made-to-measure service to clients in their own homes. With no retail premises, overheads are low and flexibility is high, so clients benefit from well-priced, high quality clothing and franchisees enjoy excellent profits.

Global fresh produce grower and distributor, BanaBay Ltd makes its first official US introduction at the PMA Fresh Summit Convention and Expo in Anaheim, California in October.  BanaBay offers conventional, organic and organic Fairtrade bananas, pineapples, and plantains with customized and flexible packaging options.

For Tom Burke, President of BanaBay’s North America Operations, PMA is where he was first introduced to BanaBay.  He says:

“BanaBay is an exciting new brand in the global fresh fruit marketplace.  Our objective is to capitalize on the success story of BanaBay within the North America marketplace and continue to provide reliable, flexible and cost-effective solutions to our valued customer base.

“We launched the BanaBay brand in February and by May we delivered our first shipment of bananas to the US.  The US market is particularly enthusiastic about exceptional quality and ethically produced fruit so having the organic and Fairtrade accredited bananas has helped drive interest in BanaBay.

“As growers we can also provide a highly flexible and responsive service to our customers with the capability to quickly turn around requests such as the introduction of banana singles for deli take out and the design of a 3lb bag.”

With aggressive plans to grow both US and Canada, the North America region is a significant focus for BanaBay.

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